Kacper Szalecki’s Hard Voguing in Krakow!

Not only do we hold a patronage, but first of all we do highly recommend! The work of the 2016 ShowOFF Section’s laureate, Kacper Szalecki, is available again for viewing in Kraków, this time in Widna Gallery.

Szalecki presents more than twenty analogue photographs referring to an aesthetic hybrid of the 90s. The deceitful nostalgia is however insufficient for an exhaustive description of the project, hence a missing word must be identified. ‘Ninetieswave’ is a key perfectly filling this gap. Szalecki has become a self-appointed king of a ninetieswave party, and shows the style dystopia not from a position of a neutral observer, but that of a full participant. Paradoxically, the 90s are a utopia for the artist who was born as late as in the second half of the decade and can experience the vintage splendor and glitter of polyamide and spandex only thanks to their return in this new form. He makes photographs of himself and his friends, in spaces looking far from sophisticated and in kitchy urban landscapes, published earlier in his blog Olimpia’s Diary and exhibited last year in the ShowOFF Section.

Hard voguing is on display until 3 March in Widna Gallery (ul. Grzegórzecka 31, Krakow).


Source: press materials

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