UFO Visual Lab

Krakow Photomonth’s partner exhibition

The topic of UFO became visible in media in 1947 when the first documented encounter with an unidentified flying object took place. Since then, the name “flying saucer” has been widely used. However “strange objects in the sky” appear already in the oldest myths and chronicles around the world.

The problem of extraterrestrial guests has fascinated and raised controversy for a long time. Although the belief in alien civilisations and flying saucers is an individual issue, the phenomenon is deeply rooted both in the collective consciousness and in the popular culture. It has turned into a kind of myth and as a myth it was analysed for the purposes of the UFO Visual Lab.

How did it happen that we all “know” what does something that has never been proven look like? How has the image of extraterrestrials been shaped in our consciousness over decades? And what a contemporary artist has to say about it?

The focal point of the exhibition is an open Laboratory where the artists investigate the evolution of the UFO myth. The Laboratory consists of a timeline, a reading room, a curatorial ‚Disclosure’ project by Karol Liver and works of artists from the FotoBzik Association, as well as artists selected in the #SHOWMEYOURUFO project. Visitors also can create their own works which will be included in the exhibition.

The Laboratory has been surrounded by a display of projects by selected authors. The invited artists are: Franek Ammer, Gosia Ćwiech, Artur Gołębiowski, the TBX Group (Paweł Bagiński, Miłosz Cirocki, Wojtek Skrzypczyński), Kamil #2, Anna Kieblesz, Karol Liver, Michał Matejko, Kaja Rata, and Katarzyna Zolich. The event is accompanied with a publication titled Alternative Facts, prepared by the Paper Beats Rock Foundation.

The project is organised by Fresh From Poland, in collaboration with the FotoBzik Association and the Paper Beats Rock Foundation. The event’s partners are Galeria Kamienica Szara and the Krakow Photomonth Festival.


Curator: Grażyna Siedlecka
Guest curators: Karol Liver („Prism Photo Magazine”), Iza Zdziebko (FotoBzik), Adam Nyk (live music), Łukasz Grela (movies)
Publication: Kasia Zolich, Katarzyna Legendź (Paper Beats Rock)

Partners: Szara Kamienica Gallery, Krakow Photomonth 2017, DKF Magazyn Kultury, All in UJ, Ethnographic Museum of Krakow
Media partners: Doc! Photo Magazine, Prism Photo Magazine



Szara Kamienica Gallery
Rynek Główny 6


21.05.2017, 8 p.m.


Tue–Fri 1 p.m.–6 p.m.
Sat–Sun 12 p.m.–4 p.m.


Free admission