Unidentified objects at MEK!

We and the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków invite you to construction and photo workshops for children aged 6-12 that will take place on 10 May. Participants’ works will be shown at the museum exhibition during the Krakow Photomonth Festival.

How big is space? How to travel at the speed of light? How do you know how far away is something? During the workshops, physicists will collide with images of the world and the cosmos. LOOK IN and join us!

Led by: Urszula Sobczyk, Katarzyna Dorota
Booking: szelingowska@etnomuzeum.eu, tel. + 48 12 430 18 27
Free admission (reservations required)

Photo: archival materials from the “UFO-Video” Warsaw UFO Research Society, 1957–1989. Courtesy of the Nautilus Foundation

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