The Opening Weekend is over!

What a crazy weekend! Thank you very much for joining us at the first festival events. Brace yourself – the whole month is ahead of us! 

On Friday, at the Starmach Gallery, we have opened the 15th jubilee edition of Krakow Photomonth with a vernissage of the exhibition Things: The Object in Polish Photography (18th edition of the Fotografia Kolekcjonerska project) – take a look at the photos of the opening. Next, we went for the opening of the ShowOFF Section exhibition, the concert and the first festival party at Industrial.

On Saturday, after the openings, guided tours and meetings marathon (here you can watch the video of the Masters Series with Lisa Barnard), we went to joyously celebrate the 15th birthday of Krakow Photomonth Festival and 30th birthday of Krakow Museum of Photography. We wished each other happy birthday and all the best, ate the cake, drank some champagne & were dancing like we’ve never danced before!

On Sunday we obviously haven’t slowed down. We have opened the exhibition and went for the meeting with artists (here you can watch the video of the Masters Series with the artists, whose works are being presented as part of We Also Dance exhibition and also the video of the meeting with our guest curator – Gordon MacDonald). We have also seen UFO. Multiple times. So again – what a weekend it was!

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