Zarina Muhammad. FEAT SEEMA AND YO YO HONEY SINGH (2015)

Zarina Muhammad chooses not to add any captions or text to her works, as she prefers to let people interpret and read them for themselves. Muhammad feels that it is useless for her to describe the functions of the works. She does not enjoy the feeling of power and authority residing solely with the author, and believes that this is damaging and restrictive, and not conducive to genuine sincere discourse. Muhammad states, “I think the more I say about my work, the less people viewing it believe in their subjective readings of the work that might differ from mine. I want people to believe in and champion their literacy when it comes to reading artworks. I think that celebration of subjectivity is really crucial to good viewership.”


Zarina Muhammad was born in 1994, London. She is an artist. She holds a BA from Central Saint Martins in London. Her works are exhibited in museums and galleries, including Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, The Bluecoat or The Space in Abu Dhabi.