Salvatore Vitale

Swiss-based photographer born and raised in Palermo. In 2014 he attended the International Center of Photography–ICP class with Allen Frame, and was selected for the ISSP International Masterclass by Andrei Polikanov and Yuri Kozyrev. In 2015 he was named among Die Besten 2014 at the Swiss Photo Awards.

In 2015–2016 a recipient of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia’s grant for his long-term research on the production of security in Switzerland. He is also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of YET magazine, a triannual Swiss photography magazine which showcases works by both emerging and established photographers as well as in-depth content focusing on the evolution of photography with a particular eye on the contemporary field. He has been featured and published internationally, and also gives lectures and talks about his work.


I’m mainly interested in long-term projects, focusing especially on the use of different techniques for visual storytelling.

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