Open-air workshop with the Institute for Unserious Matters

The Institute’s motto is “you never know when you discover something”, and its objective is to carry out research which at first glance seems rather irrational. The participants play researchers examining the space, interrelations, and phenomena occurring around them. Absurd activities are treated with utmost seriousness and highest precision, and documented with photographs and notes. Based on the gathered materials, the researchers will draw conclusions.


Tymon Nogalski holds a bachelor’s degree of photography and intermedia of the University of Arts in Poznań, and master’s degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, in the Studio of Spatial Activities headed by Mirosław Bałka. He presented his works on many exhibitions in Poland, and in not so many – abroad.

Vigilance is a key to his work. He considers himself a careful watcher and addresses his work to watchful recipients. Progressivist. Reality’s absurdity is his element. He uses various media, as he can. He takes the world with a pinch of salt. He prefers both simplicity and multilevel nature of a message. He values spoken word. He chases ephemeral beauty and intellectual impulse.

If you wish to participate in the workshops, please send your submissions to, adding the words “instytut badań niepoważnych” in the subject line of your e-mail. You can send submissions until 5 June. You must write your name and surname, as well as the date you choose. The number of participants is limited.


Festival Centre
ul. Rakowicka 22

Event time:

10.06, 11.06
12 p.m.–5 p.m.