The Hidden Photo. Photo editing workshop

Why aren’t some pictures included in a project even if they’re great? What does an editor’s task involve? How to create a common photographic project and tell a story with it? Answers to these and other questions will be given during workshops held on 28 Maj!

During The Hidden Photo. Photo editing workshop, Ewa Mielczarek, the initiator of the project, will talk about starting the project, the idea behind it, and plans for future. The event will be combined with a workshop led by Rafał Siderski. The participants will talk about photo editing and together with the hosts will edit projects of selected this year’s ShowOFF laureates.

The Hidden Photo is an exceptional collection of photos which have been forgotten or those which, for any reason, were not published. Why weren’t they finally selected? What is the criterion of such a selection? Photographs which have never been presented before are given new lives, and the photographers tell stories about them.

Rafał Siderski was born in 1984 in Białystok, and lives and works in Warsaw. He graduated from the Białystok University, Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology, as well as the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava where he started his doctoral studies. He teaches at the Academy of Photography. His works were displayed in Berlin, Prague, Osaka, Kaunas, Warsaw, and other places. In photography he is primarily interested in telling true stories.


Studio Luma
ul. Ślusarska 9

Event time:

4 p.m–6 p.m.


Admission free